Jalal Ali

Jalal Ali always had an indescribable attraction to music, from a very young age. He saw more in music than most people, especially after losing his father at the age of 8. This tragedy opened his eyes to what music can really do to the soul, and how it can heal deep wounds.

In the following years, Jalal started learning the basics of music, and with long hours of practice over days, weeks and months, he slowly mastered the art of music. Starting with Hiphop/R&B music, Jalal worked with many underground artists from around the world, exposing him to different cultures and enriching his knowledge in making his own unique sounds.

With inspiration from great classical composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and Yanni, Jalal developed his sound to encompass different styles and genres, and in 2008, he got his first big break by collaborating with Yousuf Al Omani on a promo track. You can listen to some of his music below, or visit his Myspace page to learn more about Jalal.

Jalal - Can you Feel Me

Adagietto in C sharp major


lancer said...

those are some nice tracks, keep it up bro

Anonymous said...


LENS Photography said...

Man I got you here :p .. This guy rocks... I listend to the 1st track and i liked it very much...

Jalal was one of my POTENTIAL clients ;) who needed a photoshoot..

Wish you the best jegar.. ALWAYS AND FOREVER

Jalal Ali said...

Helloo guys,

Thanks lancer, and anonymous for your comments, Glad you like my music.

Lens, What's good brother, Im so glad you like '' can you feel me ''. I checked your website recently, Nice new pictures. Keep up the good work.

Much luv n respect to all, Jalal.

Ace of DiscaL said...

Jalal !!!

I am so happy to see your profile shining bright here!

Much respect & many good wishes for this new year 2009.

I am sorry 3aL q9oor, but I'm flying back and forth from Manama to Hamad Town and it's killing my production to almost half what it was.

I promise you my album will be mastered @ your joint, so be ready !
LENS better be ready to catch some action too.

May god bless you and your family !

Hosam said...

this is ma man

you are real musician ma frined

Baraa said...

U rock bro